Spend time with family, not searching for documents.

Kincern helps make financial caregiving easier by helping you identify, manage, and protect your loved one’s finances and essential information in one easy-to-use service.

Kincern Family Values

Prepare for the unexpected with Kincern.

Let’s say your mom falls and gets injured.

  • What would you need to do to oversee her medical care, finances, and any legal needs?
  • Would you even know where to look for the documents you’ll need?
  • What if she needs to move to assisted living?
  • What is the status of her mortgage?

Kincern is a service to collect and organize all of this data before this moment arrives.

Find Everything You Need in one place

The world is digital, but are your records?

If your loved one has not made the switch to online banking, paperless billing, and the host of other online tools for account management, they are not alone.

Kincern not only brings their information together in one simple place but ensures their data is secure with the latest encryption and monitoring tools so your whole family can enjoy peace of mind.

*Data shown is for illustration purposes only. Actual data may vary.

Kincern has you covered.

Life is unpredictable, so we built the solution we wanted for our own family.

We're A True Partner

With other solutions, you have to do all the manual data entry. Kincern’s technology does it for you, combing through data to validate vital information.

We Keep You Connected

You get the day-to-day financial status, as well as the big picture, and we help monitor it over time to keep you informed before an issue arises.

Data Stays Safe & Secure

Everything we do helps protect you and your family, so security is at our core. With best-in-class data encryption, your data is entirely yours.

Every bit of Kincern’s technology supports a family’s story.

I uploaded a picture of Mom’s driver’s license, and Kincern located Mom’s mortgage and real estate tax bill. I couldn’t believe it was that easy.

Mom was headed to the ER in Florida. I’m in Boston, but with Kincern, I was able to send Mom’s Medicare information directly to the hospital. Thanks, Kincern!

Kincern found Dad’s long-term care insurance policy. I didn’t know he had one. Now, I’m ready for the family discussion on assisted living options.

A one-of-a-kind solution for financial caregiving.

Kincern is the only service that proactively identifies and manages information — making it easier to provide care for parents and loved ones.

Nothing matters more than family

We're here to help get you the answers you need before the questions start piling up.

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