We’re committed to protecting aging parent’s finances and personal data — it’s why security is built into everything we do.

One in five older adults are victims of financial exploitation. It can happen to anyone, which is why we developed WiseVault™. Our services use the same encryption technologies that already keep you safe as you bank, shop, and manage your accounts online.

At Your fingertips

Securing peace of mind for families.

Our goal has always been to help families organize and manage their assets, protecting aging parent’s finances and thereby their future. Security is at the core of what Kincern does, and with tools for monitoring accounts and sending alerts, you’re not only connected but always on top of things.

  • All data is encrypted from the start, so you can rest easy knowing your loved one’s information stays private
  • Data stays encrypted on our servers, so even in the unlikely event someone could access it, they could never read it
  • We are constantly evaluating and evolving our technology to stay aligned with banking and healthcare security best practices

Security and privacy at every step.

Protecting aging parent’s finances brings enough unknowns, so Kincern works to ensure security isn’t one of them.

Financial Access

We exclusively use read-only access to your financial accounts, so account numbers stay private and your credentials are never stored on our servers — adding another layer of protection.

Data Services

We leverage the same data hosting platform trusted by both large public companies and government agencies, all to ensure our servers are constantly monitored and protected.

Credit Bureaus

We only gather credit data through soft inquiries at the big three credit bureaus, so it will not affect your credit score. Kincern never stores your credit data or credentials.

Data Privacy Assured

What will we do with your data? Make sure it’s entirely your own.

We do not and never will share or sell your data to a third party without your explicit consent. You have the power to manage access to documents and data, choosing who can see information to make financial caregiving simpler for you — and that’s where the data stops.

We have no hidden agenda when it comes to your data — it’s just about helping families.

Nothing matters more than family

We're here to help get you the answers you need before the questions start piling up.

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