How Kincern Works

Kincern makes managing parents’ finances and documents easier.

Kincern makes collecting, protecting, and managing parents’ finances, account information, and important documents easier by providing the security, access, and transparency your family needs before a crisis occurs.

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Access to Everything from Anywhere

Kincern unravels the frustrating complexity of Mom and Dad’s paperwork.


When it comes to financial information,
“I don’t know” doesn’t cut it.

Mortgages, credit cards, assets, and liabilities – Kincern uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the missing pieces – so your family’s finances always add up.

Estate and Legal Documents

Access up-to-date documents when and
where you need them.

Waiting for a crisis before you look into estate documents is a recipe for disaster. Ensure you have the correct documents, signatures, and more with Kincern.

Providing a better caregiving experience.

Detected Credit Fraud

Kincern helped us identify an unauthorized credit card taken out in Dad’s name. I’m so glad we caught the fraud early.

In Case of Emergency

There were so many unanswered questions after my mom had emergency surgery. I wanted to be with her at the hospital, but someone needed to find all her important documents to answer the doctor’s questions.

Unexpected Stroke

My father was always on top of managing his bills and investments. His sudden stroke left us searching for all his accounts and expenses.

Smart Parsing Technology

You don’t have time for data entry. Kincern’s SmartParser™ does.

Snap a few photos, link a bank account, and let Kincern sift through all the information, so you don’t have to. Kincern’s SmartParser™ uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to parse out relevant data from your documents and accounts and then links them together so that you get a complete financial and administrative picture to understand your loved one’s situation, helping you to properly monitor it over time.

Stay Informed

Beyond saving time, you can also:

  • Get alerts for regulatory changes
  • Monitor outgoing expenses
  • Flag inconsistencies
  • Confirm documents are signed/notarized
  • Get bank account notifications
  • Analyze trends

Kincern’s solutions offer timesaving features and valuable alerts and notifications for managing parents’ finances all easily accessible from your computer or mobile device. We provide you with financial caregiving tools at your fingertips.

See More of what Matters

Transparency makes for a happy family.

Previously, proximity would determine who provided care for loved ones. Now, Kincern gives families the services needed to keep everyone informed and engaged – from siblings to trusted advisors – making caregiving as easy as possible.

Kincern is a service that works for families by providing transparency and easy access for adult children caregivers.

Security at the Heart of Everything

WiseVault™ keeps everything secure.

All of the documents, accounts, and information that Kincern puts at your fingertips stay there with data privacy and security you can trust.

Kincern’s WiseVault™ technology ensures that all your family’s documents and account credentials are kept safe and secure.

Nothing matters more than family

We're here to help get you the answers you need before the questions start piling up.

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