Financial caregiver support services
Each stage of life brings new challenges and needs. We've put together a list of financial caregiver support services to help you.

October 7, 2021


illustration of woman Financial Caregiver Support Services | List of Resources

As we age, it’s important to make financial plans for ourselves and our loved ones, including what will happen if we, or a loved one, becomes unable to manage our own finances.

It’s just a simple reality: Each stage of life brings new challenges and needs. Today more than ever, there are a wealth of professionals and service providers who are dedicated to helping seniors, their caregivers and families navigate the aging process.

While some services are better known, others are not, but are just as important to learn about.  The following are some professionals and services you should know for yourself and as a spouse and/or caregiver; many are especially helpful for adult children who do not live near their aging family member.

Aging Life Care Manager

As our lifespans have generally increased, many seniors and their families are tasked with the tough choice of whether to continue living at home or move into a residential care facility, such as an Assisted Living Facility. An Aging Life Care Manager, who is frequently a registered nurse or licensed social worker, can help a family in this situation by suggesting services, making home visits, coordinating medical needs, evaluating living arrangement options and being an advocate for the individual.  An Aging Life Care Manager may be even more beneficial if your loved one is facing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or another long-term illness. Find an Aging Life Care Manager in your area through the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA).     

Professional Fiduciaries (Agent, Trustee, Executor)

There are situations, such as family conflict, where it is in a person’s best interest to appoint a professional fiduciary.  A fiduciary is legally obligated to act in their client’s best interests. Professional fiduciaries can act as a person’s Agent through a Financial or Medical Power of Attorney, a Trustee of a trust or as an Executor of an estate.  If a person becomes incapacitated without proper estate planning documents, then a court may appoint a professional Guardian and/or Conservator.  Contact your financial advisor or estate planning attorney to help you find a professional fiduciary.

In addition to these support roles, here is a shortlist of useful sources of information for planning and managing the financial challenges of caregiving.

While this list of senior services is not exhaustive. There are many other important senior services such as in-home services, transportation, shopping and companionship.  The goal is to build a professional team that will work together with you as your support your aging loved one. 

Take the time now to research and learn about these services. You never know when you or your loved one may need help.

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