We understand — you have a lot of questions about taking care of aging parents and how Kincern can help.  

Your new role as a financial caregiver taking care of your aging parents can lead to a lot of questions. You’ll find answers and explanations in the sections below. You can also reach out to our support team via chat.

What is Kincern?

Kincern is a secure and simple solution that helps you identify, manage, and protect your loved one’s financial information, legal documents, and more across all devices in a safe, smart, and easy-to-use digital platform so that you can spend less time worrying about your family’s paperwork and more time with them.

Kincern was born out of our team’s personal experiences to ensure your family can have a better one. Read our founder’s story or learn more about how we make financial caregiving easier.

What is financial caregiving?

Financial caregiving refers to any person who manages or helps manage the finances of a parent or other aging loved one.

The reality is that nearly half (43%) of adults 53-71 manage or help manage a parent or other aging relatives’ finances, and 47% of adults aged 50-59 are simultaneously raising children and caring for aging parents. Being there for your family is a true joy, but caring for an aging loved one on top of regular responsibilities can easily become an overwhelming situation.

Financial caregiving is an important aspect of making sure loved ones are well cared for. Kincern is here to help make financial caregiving a bit easier so that you can easily manage and protect your loved one’s financial information and spend more time enjoying what’s most important – family.

Watch this video to learn how financial caregiving begins with Kincern

How does Kincern make financial caregiving easier?

At Kincern, our goal is simple: to help families be organized, secure, and connected.

So that’s what our solution does. Simply snap photos or link your accounts and Kincern uses artificial intelligence to not only locate vital information but to monitor and alert you of abnormal activity, so you know if an account is overdue, if a bill was paid twice, or if a “new friend” is potentially taking advantage of your loved one.

Kincern also helps verify that documents are up to date so you’re ready for anything all in a fully encrypted and highly secure environment to keep your family’s information secure from the moment you start.

How does Kincern protect my loved one’s private information?

The digital age can seem uncertain – especially for older individuals who have not incorporated many digital tools into daily life. From sharing banking details to concerns about information being leaked, it can be stressful. Kincern was built to help families protect their assets, so a high level of security is built into everything we do.

It’s why we developed WiseVault™. By using WiseVault™, your family’s data is fully encrypted from the moment you upload it, and data stays encrypted on our servers.

Read more about the Kincern WiseVault™ and Security or watch this video to learn how we protect aging parents’ finances and sensitive information. 

My siblings live all over the country and we are all interested in helping our aging parents. How does that work?

Kincern not only cuts the amount of time it takes to get organized, but we also provide transparency with tools to keep everyone informed and engaged (from siblings to trusted advisors). 

Simply set up your family administrator (the primary user can share documents or accounts individually or all the documents or all the accounts) who can manage access for other members and add other contacts as appropriate. 

Kincern helps to get your family to where you want them to be: Together.

Watch this video to learn more. 

Can Kincern help protect my parents from being targeted by scams?

The reality is that one in five older adults are victims of financial exploitation. It can happen to anyone, but those with cognitive impairment, even in the early stages, are much more vulnerable to exploitation.

Cybercrimes against older adults have increased five times since 2014. In fact, in 2020, cybercrime complaints soared to a record high with total losses surpassing $4.2 billion and losses to those 50 and older exceeded $1.8 billion.

That’s why Kincern is dedicated to your security and peace of mind with tools for monitoring accounts, sending alerts, and providing updates on scams targeting older adults. We use artificial intelligence to not only locate vital information but to monitor and alert you of abnormal activity, so you know if an account is overdue, if a bill was paid twice, or if a “new friend” is potentially taking advantage of your loved one.


What if my loved one doesn’t want to share information with me?

We all know that at some point in our lives, we will need a little extra help. The same is true for our aging parents.

As we all age differently, it can be difficult to assess when our parents need our support – especially with something as personal as finances.

First things first, it’s important to start having conversations early. We understand that this may take some time and may need to be done in stages. We’re here to help you have these conversations.

My parents don’t have anything online, how can I convince them this will help?

When it comes to assisting aging family members with finances, legal documents, and more, it can make them feel like they’re losing a sense of their autonomy and independence – especially when changing how they bank or manage important paperwork. Shifting from a paper environment to a digital one can be daunting for them. However, this needs to be balanced with the knowledge on how you can most effectively help and protect them if there is a digital solution.

  • Your parents can still maintain paper records. A digital option can be added in addition to paper bills and statements and will not require change on their part.
  • Kincern was built to help families protect their loved ones, which is why we designed our solutions to work for any family so that you can snap photos and link accounts.
  • Kincern always fully encrypts your data from the moment you upload it, keeping your important information safe and secure.
  • Kincern parses through your documents for policy numbers, names, and dates to enable you to easily find information and verify that it is up to date.

Contact us to take a proactive approach to protecting your parents’ finances.


How can I access Kincern?

Kincern offers a web app (usable on desktop or on your mobile phone) so that you can access information whenever and wherever is most convenient for you and anyone else in your family who is provided access. Data will only be shared with people you have given access to, and any device that connects to WiseVault™ is doing so in a completely secure way, so you can rest assured that your data is protected.

My parents are in good health and/or independent. Why do I need this?

If something happened to a parent, would you even know where to find the documents you might need? One in three older adults has not informed their family where to find legal, medical, and financial documents. We designed our solutions to work for any family. Because if something happens and there is a crisis, you want to be together not searching for documents.

Whatever your family dynamic is, being prepared is the best thing you can do. We know that aging is different for everybody. That’s why it’s important to have these types of conversations now, understand your options, and make a plan that works for your family.

I already have access to my parent’s financial information. Why do I need this?

If you or your parent already have their information in a safe place, here are three additional things to consider:

  1. Are all documents on paper? If so, are they in a safety deposit box or in a shoebox, or in a stack of paperwork in a spare bedroom?
  2. When an emergency happens – and all too often it is “when” not “if” – will you be able to easily find and access the information you need for the hospital?
  3. Are you confident someone isn’t tapping into that information and using it for their benefit (i.e., identity theft)?

These are three types of situations that Kincern can help give you confidence about the security of your loved one’s sensitive information and peace of mind that you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it most.


What makes Kincern unique?

We are not just an account aggregator or credit monitor, or secure vault for families. We provide a solution with all those features in a secure environment that incorporates our own custom software solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) to give you real-life actionable next steps for protecting your loved ones and their sensitive information.

For example, if your loved one moves closer to you to make caregiving easier, their out-of-state POA may no longer be legal. The same thing goes for the will. Kincern can help track these changes and alert you to possible conflicts to keep your documents up to date.

Kincern can also monitor the financial transactions that happen as part of that move and adjust their financial picture accordingly, allowing you to understand and adjust to their new cost of living automatically.

That is how we make financial caregiving easy.

What is SmartParser™ and how does it work?

The Kincern SmartParser™ is a system that can take data from many different sources (such as accounts you link, documents you provide, public datasets, etc.) to build a complete financial and administrative picture for you. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to parse out relevant data from these sources and link them together so that you can understand your loved one’s situation and properly monitor it over time. 

The more information you provide, the clearer your loved one’s financial picture becomes.

What is WiseVault™ and how does it work?

Kincern is dedicated to your security and peace of mind with tools for monitoring accounts and sending alerts so you’re not only connected but always on top of things.

We’ve developed WiseVault™ with the same encryption technologies that already keep people safe when they bank, shop, and manage accounts online.


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