About Us: Creating Tools for the Sandwich Generation

Nearly half of adults are caught between raising children and caring for aging parents — also known as the sandwich generation. Although caring for family is a true joy, caring for our loved ones as they age on top of all your other responsibilities can easily become stressful or even overwhelming. Kincern is here to help make financial caregiving a bit easier.

Our story is the same as many families’ stories

Our Founder's Story

Jody watched as her mom, Mary, took on most of the care for her once-robust, now wheelchair-bound grandfather.

Her grandfather’s frailty was tough, but the toll it took on her mom was unexpected. Mary missed her grandkids’ soccer games, and school plays. She spent hours and hours trying to stay on top of finances and searching for documents. She was already overwhelmed, and when he passed away, the paperwork only increased, with many unknowns left behind.

“My mom vowed not to let her kids experience this same hardship as she got older. Kincern is our answer to give families the time, peace of mind, and transparency they deserve. It’s our way of keeping that promise.”

— Jody Holt, CEO & Co-Founder, Kincern

Read our founder’s full story here.

Built on Industry-Leading Tech

We’re proud of our technology, but the impact it has on families is what drives us.

  • Avoid late nights searching through documents for dates and policy numbers
  • Make manual data entry a thing of the past, freeing up your time to be with family
  • SmartParserâ„¢ identifies the critical information and easily gets you the answers you need

Kincern’s services aren’t just about putting all of this information in one place; it’s about easing the burden of collecting it, understanding it, and monitoring it over time.

The Faces Behind the Mission

Jody Holt
CEO & Co-Founder

Eric Ely
CTO & Co-Founder

Jim St Jean
Advisor & Co-Founder

Matt Pierson
Advisor & Co-Founder

John Gargasz
Advisor & Co-Founder

Focus on the Moments that Matter

We’re here to help you plan for the unexpected.

When a fall, a health crisis, or a lapse in memory occurs, you don’t want to spend your time searching for financial, medical, and legal documents. You want to focus on the moments that matter.

Kincern is your partner to ensure all this critical information is in place before you need it, allowing you to be there for your loved ones when they need you.

We are here for you

We understand complex family dynamics.

No two families are the same, but we know Kincern is a solution that can benefit every family. If you have questions about your family’s situation or ways Kincern can help, we’re available to answer your questions.

Nothing matters more than family

We're here to help get you the answers you need before the questions start piling up.

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